Hi and welcome! I’m Stevie. I’m a career development specialist and counselor. I've been known to narrate audiobooks too.

My heart's desire is to share inspiring ideas and helpful personal development information. SparksPress.com is where I leave a breadcrumb trail for others to discover. I hope you enjoy!

CareerTipsBlog.com - The primary focus of this site is to provide relevant, easily absorbed career development information in an inspirational way. I cover the basics including choosing a career, job search, and career transitions.

SteviePuckett.com - This is my audiobook portfolio site. I list what kind of projects I'm looking for as well as what is currently in production and in what phase. Samples of all my projects are here as well as some funny bloopers.

@SteviePuckett - This is me on Twitter, my microblog! It's my favorite and pretty much only remaining social media profile. I'm on most days. I post exciting finds and first thoughts on upcoming articles on Twitter first.

SparkscastPodcast.com - An occasional pep talk for focusing your mind and deepening your intuition as a foundation in life. Often a tiny adjustment in mindset makes an impact. Listen in for self-development ideas mindset tweaks.