Intuition and Self-DevelopmentIntuition and Self-Development
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Welcome. We're talking intuition and inspiration here!

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by, I'm Stevie. is where I share practical and inspirational information on trusting and developing your intuition. Listen closely and fearlessly. See yourself in those around you and be open to the messages. This site is intended to be powerfully positive as a force for good in helping many, including myself, enjoy life more.

We all have beautiful dreams and outstanding potential. Everyone is a sparkly butterfly! Some allow themselves to sparkle more than others do. The idea is for each of us to bravely shine brilliantly in our own unique way. Are you shining brightly? Just being someone who confidently creates their own life story is the most powerful thing we can do to help others do the same.

Striving for highest potential while enjoying the process takes focus, practice, and patience. Along with knowing how and where to focus, working in cooperation with your own intuitive guidance makes all the difference. is about how to enhance the connection to intuition in everyday life. Practicing positivity and controlling your own headspace to create a proper environment to sense the subtle and inspirational vibe of intuition is where it all begins.

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Positive Thinking About Your Career

Want to feel good about your career? Then go big! Many people desire to have a satisfying career. A career is more than one job, a progression of jobs, or even a certain task or title. It's your life's work and may include many areas of focus, some paid, and some not (such as schooling, volunteer work, or being a stay-at-home parent). Finding a larger perspective like that can make the significance of the immediate day-to-day more palatable, especially if you are currently in a job you hate. The job doesn't feel so bad when you take the bird's eye view. What you are doing now is just one step on the path.

Your career is an essential part of self-development as a main avenue for continued learning and development. It can form a strong foundation that impacts other areas of your life too. Through the work you do every day, you demonstrate what you are willing to focus on. Finding work to focus on that meshes superbly with your inner nature and what you want to experience maximizes your personal power, creativity, and freedom.

If you can find a big perspective and lean positive with your outlook for the future, you can suddenly find yourself with more patience and room to maneuver. It starts to feel like it is possible to make small changes that get you closer and closer to discovering the sweet spot where work feels like play. After all, what could feel better than working on something that feels like your purpose in life?

Sometimes people are surprised to realize what an inside game career development is. Magic happens once you plan in advance to feel good about your career and begin to include your work seamlessly into the fabric of your life experience. Building a satisfying career begins with knowing it is possible and believing you can tap into that kind of abundance.

People who have found their perfect work are passionate and proud of the work they do. They exude a special type of joy and zest for life. I wish that for you. Dive into your own career development one optimistic step at a time. Follow what appeals to you now as an indication of your intuition at work.

Career Mindset Foundation
Be SelfishBe Selfish
Sometimes people feel pressure to choose a career based on what someone important to them expects. Sometimes it is easy to turn away from our own interests because of what those around us would think too, but remember, you are the one putting in time and attention to whatever you choose for your career. You are the one noticing every day how you feel about your work. So be selfish in your career d . . . More »

Build on Your Strengths and a KeywordBuild on Your Strengths and a Keyword
A fulfilling career is built upon natural strengths which enable you to work with ease and to gain expertise faster. Find your top strengths, and build your career around them ruthlessly. Integrate your career keyword with your strengths. Use them to communicate what distinguishes you from others in your cover letters and resumes and in important conversations with hiring managers, bosses, colleag . . . More »

Plan Ahead to EnjoyPlan Ahead to Enjoy
Much about enjoying work is monitoring your thoughts and focusing your mindset in regards to it. You simply must find a positive perspective about your work in order to ensure that your career enhances your life. Even if you already think your job is good and you enjoy your work, you can give it more juice . . . More »

Positive Thinking About Your Health

Can you appreciate the idea of wellness as a natural state of being? Remind yourself throughout the day to relax, allow, and enjoy.

What can you appreciate about your body? Even as you are out and about working or having fun, there is so much your body is taking care of without you needing to direct it. Your heart beats, you breathe, your muscles work, your feet take you where you want to go. Your eyes see, your ears hear, and on and on. Your body is amazing!

Your needs are unique. Maybe what is promoted to the general public will feel great for your body, maybe it won't. That doesn't mean anything is wrong or amiss with your body. It just means that now is the time to learn what works best for you. Some factors to consider - sleep, diet, exercise, stress, fun. Most importantly, when you identify something you can do that helps you feel good, stick with it! Integrate it into your daily self-care ritual. Make it a habit that runs on autopilot for you.

Often unhappiness about body appearance comes about after comparing ourselves to others. So don't play that game. To do so is to take the first step toward the portal for an ego trip that turns anxious mind loose. Instead of starting off down that dark rabbit hole, remember, you are unique...incomparable even.

Whatever you like about yourself, appreciate that specifically and often. The most important thing is that you feel good. Take it easy on yourself. Pay attention to your emotions and do something about it when you notice you aren't feeling good -- change your focus! Be open and expansive about allowing yourself to feel good.

Health Mindset Foundation
You Are Where You AreYou Are Where You Are
Now is the time for a new story. It's not easy to let go of the way you've been thinking but if you want different results its worth the effort. You are where you are, but at anytime you can start again. It doesn't matter what happened before. What matters is what happens next, and your results going forward are directly related to feeling good now . . . More »

Die Only OnceDie Only Once
Worry, anxiety, and fear don't help. There are far better ways to spend your time and energy. Do your best to change your thinking so that you can feel good to great most of the time. Use your imagination to visualize things that make you feel better. Generate positive feelings and raise your vibration . . . More »

Feel the FutureFeel the Future
What we want comes to us in stages throughout life. So make your list. Keep track of all the things you want to experience. While you are at it, list how you want to feel too. All that you want is on the way to you as long as you can feel good about what you want. Careful that you aren't aching for what you want. The challenge is to enjoy wanting . . . More »

Positive Thinking About Your Relationships

There are powerful people around us all the time.

People who can either help us create a new and better story, or people who will help us rehash our old story. Relationships are about the potential of the next part of your story. Through your relationships you become more of who you are. Much of the juice of life comes from interactions with others too.

Even as we live our lives and have our experiences, we can maintain a fundamental view of others as people with potential to connect meaningfully with us. Through times of connection, we all learn something new about ourselves. Different teachers and mentors will come into our lives through our relationships.

It's human nature to look to others to make us feel good. One of the best feelings ever happens when we look into someone's eyes as we laugh with them. It's so easy to appreciate in the moment when that happens. But remember, no one else is responsible for how you feel. Would you even want them to be? I don't care to be that dependent on anyone. I don't control how others feel and no one but me controls how I feel. Remember that for yourself as well.

You are worthy and your perspective is valid. You have a unique point of view and it matters. You matter, whether anyone else recognizes that in any moment or not. Do not be dependent on other people's opinion of you for your own happiness.

That being said, strive to make appreciation the whole point of your interaction with others. That appreciation will strengthen you, even though at first glance it might feel like something you are doing for someone else.

Relationships Mindset Foundation
Your Surprising ResponsibilityYour Surprising Responsibility
You can be an example of a person who focuses on the positive as you go through your life feeling good and in your personal power more often than not. You can act on your inspiration. You can send positive vibes to people who are unhappy. You can intend a better life for them. You can trust in their ability to find happiness the same as you have. You can know that it is possible for all people to . . . More »

Let Them CreateLet Them Create
You can't change others, but you can change your thoughts and feelings about them. You must clearly understand that you cannot control how someone else is acting. Why would you want to? When you release them to their own creation, you free yourself up to focus on yours. There is no more joy in this world than focusing on what you want and creating it. You will immediately feel heightened freedom a . . . More »

Control Your FocusControl Your Focus
It's imperative to be disciplined about where we focus in order to have satisfying relationships. Don't let your mind wander to those things that you find annoying about them at the moment. Instead, cut them a break. Every accomplishment and thing of beauty comes about because somebody believed in somebody. Believe in those around you. Believe in the best of them to see more of it . . . More »

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Soaring Vibes
Soaring Vibes We all have habitual ways of being. Does your way of being serve you well? If not, or if you want to bump your life up a notch, you can change they way you are thinking and see new results. It's not easy, but it's worth the effort if you want more of what you want. Creating what you want in life is about decoding the messages within your emotions, focusing your mind, trusting your intuition, and taking inspired action. Make it a priority to feel your own vibration soaring for a few minutes each day. Allow the high vibe, make a space for it. Do so and you will find your day flowing like never before . . . More »

Job Offer Negotiation
Job Offer Negotiation Let's be clear, employers want good employees and they do not want to have to go through the hiring process again for an already filled position any time soon if at all possible. If you navigate the interview process with good timing, they are offering you a job right when they have decided you have something to offer and they want you to be on their team. The perfect time . . . More »

Desired Things
A reading of the poem Desiderata by Max Ehrmann. Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are a vexation to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become . . . More »

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SparksCast #012: Yoga, Sleep, and Mindset A Beginner's Guide Yoga has a huge benefit that can easily be overlooked if one is focusing only on the strength and flexibility part. It is a great way to tune into your intuition too. Stevie also points out one way a natal astrology chart could suggest yoga as a promising exercise. Yoga certainly can help people tune into their spiritual being. Stevie also discusses sleep habits and some tips to try for enhanced sleep . . . More »

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