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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by, I'm Stevie. is where I share practical and inspirational information on trusting and developing your intuition. Listen closely and fearlessly. See yourself in those around you and be open to the messages. My hope is that what I create here becomes powerfully positive as a force for good in helping many, including myself, enjoy life more.

I believe we all have beautiful dreams, outstanding potential, and lovely experiences to enjoy while on Earth. Everyone is a sparkly butterfly. Some allow themselves to sparkle more than others do. The idea is for each of us to bravely shine brilliantly in our own unique way. Are you shining brightly? Just being someone who confidently creates their own life story is the most powerful thing we can do to help others do the same.

Most weeks, I produce a new episode of the SparksCast. It's about practical techniques for focusing your mind and deepening your intuition as a foundation for creating what you want in life. Often a tiny adjustment in perspective and mindset can make a huge impact.

Please sign up to receive weekly reminders direct to your inbox. What kind of reminders you say? Personal power reminders. I call it the "Bliss Or Bust" series. They are short and ad-free. They only come once per week, but your homework is to open each one and find personal meaning in it. Use each one as an exercise in intuition development. I will also send along notification when the school of intuition is open. It's good to be curious. Have fun!

SparksCast #012: Yoga, Sleep, and Mindset A Beginner's Guide
Stevie Puckett - April 03, 2014
SparksCast #012: Yoga, Sleep, and Mindset A Beginner's Guide In this episode, I talk a little bit about yoga's biggest benefit that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle and how to practice with a better chance of experiencing it. I also talk about the basics of good sleep habits and encourage you to explore what works best for you . . . Read More »

SparksCast #011: Career Tracking and the Career Development Process With Bonus Personality Type Overview
Stevie Puckett - March 27, 2014
SparksCast #011: Career Tracking and the Career Development Process With Bonus Personality Type Overview Can you fully participate in the day-to-day process of your career management? Learning, researching, and thinking a little everyday about potential and opportunity is what career development is all about. Most people are happiest working in a field that uses their natural talents and favorite skills and where their passion for the work is energizing. You can have that too . . . Read More »

SparksCast #010 - Relationship Habits and the Power of Non-Reaction
Stevie Puckett - March 21, 2014
SparksCast #010 - Relationship Habits and the Power of Non-Reaction Relationships are not about what you do together but how you feel together. There is a lot of power in non-reaction for changing relationship habits. The world gets smaller and smaller if you decide you don't want to go out because of the way others make you feel. What are we here really to learn and teach? . . . Read More »

SparksCast #009 - Falling Out of the Flow And How to Get Back In
Stevie Puckett - March 13, 2014
SparksCast #009 - Falling Out of the Flow And How to Get Back In In this show, I talk about the process of waking up and what to do when you fall out of the flow. In part one, I interview psychic and evolutionary astrologer Joy Star about how to get back in touch with your intuition when you crash. In part two, I talk more about the process of waking up or as I prefers to call it, brightening up. . . . Read More »

SparksCast #008 - On Weight Loss: Using Low Carb and Law of Attraction
Stevie Puckett - March 06, 2014
SparksCast #008 - On Weight Loss: Using Low Carb and Law of Attraction I get more personal in this episode. As a podcasting beginner, I've stuck to the script to this point. Now thanks to listener feedback, I'm going to try loosing the script and using a more freewheeling, conversational style. In this episode, I talk about my weight loss story and how Law of Attraction, low carb living, and astrology all meshed together to help me loose 30 pounds over the past two years . . . Read More »

SparksCast #006 - Relationships and Focus: Creating Satisfying Relationships
Stevie Puckett - February 06, 2014
SparksCast #006 - Relationships and Focus: Creating Satisfying Relationships In part one, I talk about how you are not responsible for how others feel. In part two, I talk about being disciplined about what you focus on. In part three, I talk about using astrology as a tool to insight. It can help you link to some intuitive flashes and leaps in understanding. So I look at it as a tool, just a simple tool. Like I'm gonna pick up my screwdriver now and work on this project, or I'm going to pick up my birth chart right now and see what connections I can make . . . Read More »

Soaring Vibes
Stevie Puckett - February 05, 2014
Soaring Vibes We all have habitual ways of being. Does your way of being serve you well? If not, or if you want to bump your life up a notch, you can change they way you are thinking and see new results. It's not easy, but it's worth the effort if you want more of what you want. Creating what you want in life is about decoding the messages within your emotions, focusing your mind, trusting your intuition, and taking inspired action. Make it a priority to feel your own vibration soaring for a few minutes each day. Allow the high vibe, make a space for it. Do so and you will find your day flowing like never before . . . Read More »

SparksCast #005 - Intuition and Choices: Myth of Right and Wrong Choices
Stevie Puckett - January 30, 2014
SparksCast #005 - Intuition and Choices: Myth of Right and Wrong Choices In part one, I talk about intuition. You can learn to tune into and trust your intuition on a consistent basis. You can move through your day always connected to your intuition and higher mind. You can feel more confident and in touch with your personal power by doing so. In part two, There are many ways your intuition can get a message to you. You will start to pick them up once you've learned to quiet your mental chatter. In part three, I have a couple of exercises you can try for deepening your connection to your own intuition. In part four, I talk about right and wrong choices . . . Read More »

Job Offer Negotiation
Stevie Puckett - January 30, 2014
Job Offer Negotiation Let's be clear, employers want good employees and they do not want to have to go through the hiring process again for an already filled position any time soon if at all possible. If you navigate the interview process with good timing then they are offering you a job right when they have decided you have something to offer and they want you to be on their team. The perfect time to negotiate . . . Read More »

Virginia Byrd on Work-Life Balance
Stevie Puckett - January 29, 2014
Virginia Byrd on Work-Life Balance In order for people to be productive at work, they must have the other distractions in their life resolved. Time management alone is not the answer. The goal should be to have quality of life and that of course is different for everyone. There are no set rules about work-life balance. You just kind of know if you do have it or if you don't have it. In general, people need to take time to honor themselves. Another name for this is self leadership. It's about the choices that we make and how we feel . . . Read More »

Short TED Talk on Success by Richard St. John
Stevie Puckett - January 28, 2014
I ran across this presentation during my internet travels and wanted to share it. It is a short TED talk on success secrets given by Richard St. John. I especially like the part where he says you have to persist through the CRAP = Criticism, Rejection, A**holes, and Pressure. I find that so true. Many times people put off doing or exploring what they really want to do for their career. Then often when they do begin to venture out to do work they love, they might run into CRAP that they must learn to ignore as distractions. Most important, they have to learn to trust themselves, listen to that intuitive voice inside, and take action to connect to work that makes them feel good . . . Read More »

Workarounds that Work by Russell Bishop
Stevie Puckett - January 27, 2014
Workarounds that Work by Russell Bishop First of all, what's a workaround? It's a simple way to get things moving once they've stalled. If you think about sailing a boat -- if your mast breaks, what are you going to do? In the sailing world they call a workaround a jury-rig or a jerry-rig. How do you get a temporary mast up, something that may not be perfect, but at least it gets you going again. So if you want to get your career going at an even higher rate, it may be something that you've got to do right now that will help you get going again when things have derailed you. Along the way you can do what I call "build your contribution capital." In order to build your contribution capital . . . Read More »

When Unhappy at Work
Stevie Puckett - January 26, 2014
There's a difficult time between where you are now and where you want to be that must be managed when you are unhappy at work or when you plan to change jobs or careers. If you are unhappy at work you have a few options including to Stay and tell a different story while defining what you want in your next career move. Be on the lookout for the next opportunity all the while appreciating your current position and building more skill and contacts . . . Read More »

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