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Lookout for sparks of inspiration!

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by, I'm Stevie. is where I share practical and inspirational information about career and self-development. Here I learn and teach about mindset strategies, intuition development, career choice, online portfolio creation, job search preparation, and maximizing the enjoyment in life.

Striving for highest potential while enjoying the process takes focus, practice, and patience. Along with knowing how and where to focus, working in cooperation with your own intuitive guidance makes all the difference. is about how to enhance the connection to intuition in everyday life. Practicing positivity and controlling your own headspace to create a proper environment to sense the subtle and inspirational vibe of intuition is where it all begins.

I love to teach about how to listen for and trust your intuition. We all have beautiful dreams and outstanding potential. Everyone is a sparkly butterfly! Some allow themselves to sparkle more than others do. The idea is for each of us to bravely shine brilliantly in our own unique way. Are you shining brightly? Just being someone who confidently creates their own life story is the most powerful thing we can do to help others do the same.

Listen closely and fearlessly for your intuition. See yourself in those around you and be open to intuitive messages. Most importantly, learn to recognize sparks of inspiration for what they really are…your own intuitive guidance.

What is intuition anyway?

There are many different definitions of intuition and some will feel better to you than others. Use whatever feels good to you. Here are some ideas to consider.

  • Some like to think of intuition as a gut instinct.
  • Some say it is a 6th sense.
  • Some say it is communication from your spirit guides.
  • Some take a more scientific approach and say that using your intuition means you are using more of your brain.
  • I like to think of intuition as a bridge between my physical self and my spiritual self.

In general though, the most basic definition of intuition is that it's a "sudden knowing." The word knowing is really, really important because most commonly people know the truth of their intuitions when they occur but then they analyze for weakness and eventually talk themselves out of their intuition!

Understanding that basic definition of intuition as a "sudden knowing" and keeping it in mind as you work to improve your intuition will raise your confidence level. It will help you move forward. That one idea will hep you further develop and further understand and further trust your own intuition. Then the next step is how…how to trust your intuition more? Listen to the SparksCast for more and know that this website is meant to be a powerfully positive force for good in helping you enjoy life more.

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